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3D holographic displays have been around for longer than the lives of a large group of consumers who are ready to enjoy them –and they sure have come a long way in a very, incredibly short time.

It wasn’t long ago that holograms were limited to 2 dimensions, and the holograms that appeared in popular blockbuster science fiction films cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. Today, that has all changed and holographic projection has come down in price and overall setup preparation so drastically that they are now ready for the consumer public.

That’s right –but we do not want to spoil the content of this article! So keep reading to learn 3 things about holograms you may not know –there might be a hologram in your future, just you wait!

3 Points You Probably Didn’t Know about Holograms

Here is our hologram fact-file so you can be right up to date with the latest holographic trends. It is time for holograms to make a splash, an ideal solution for any event.

  1. Holograms are Mainstream-Ready

From night clubs to family celebrations, the technology-savvy have been enjoying 3D holographic projections for years! And the technology is pretty impressive as you can clearly see in this video:


Lost in Wonderland was one of the UK’s most compelling night club experiences ever recorded in history, and it pulled together some amazing uses of 3D holographic technology for this best-of-breed holographic presentation. Most of this inspiration has come from the leading holographic company over at www.activ8hologramevents.com. Just imagine –this technology is ready for everything from high school dances to corporate events, and it’s sure to create lasting memories that no one will soon forget (and ones that will be the envy of rival schools, companies, and other organisations). Heck, I can totally see the practicality of 3D holograms in creating a true-to-life Disney fantasy wedding!

  1. Holograms are Easy to Setup

No longer does one require the savvy of George Lucas to harness the power of 3D holographic presentation –the example above only took 3 weeks to put together; from the actors that were projected into the crowd to all the musical and visually cohesive eye popping effects.

Now that is not to say you’d want to wait that long to put your own holographic projection together for an event, but it’s definitely possible.

  1. Holograms Help Increase Sales and Support

Retail store-fronts, consumer and business tradeshows have all benefitted already from the use of 3D holographic displays, or holograms projected onto surfaces –quite creatively I might add! In some cases mannequins are used, and the results are captivating.

Fully interactive, with or without real people behind the voices and interactions, holograms are able to boost engagement while solving real-world business challenges –they are not just a gimmick, here’s a real world example:


In Conclusion

3D holographic displays are ready for the mainstream –no matter the application. Have you ever considered using 3D holographic displays for an event, either personal or commercial? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Extra points if you have a 3D hologram video to share along with your comment –we are always looking forward to, and interested in sharing some inspiration for holograms!