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WordPress Do’s and Don’ts for Your BlogHave you noticed how blogs have kind of taken over the internet? Nowadays when I enter a search phrase into the Google machine, many of the top results are blogs. When blogs first started, I knew someone who used his blog like a journal and would write random thoughts and streams of consciousness on a daily basis. I didn’t find this particularly enticing, but amazingly, he had several hundred followers around the world.

When it comes to blogging, WordPress is the word. This content management system offers an easy-to-use, free blogging service, including web hosting and a plethora of themes to choose from.

Regardless of why you blog, the fact is, blogging is huge and can earn you big bucks if that’s what you’re looking for. Blogging has also become an integral part of online marketing strategies for businesses ranging from small local companies to multi-national corporations. So how do you turn your hobby into a money-spinner or attract new business through blogging? While there are no guarantees your blog will succeed, the following Do’s and Don’ts are a great starting point. You may also like to have a chat with an agency like 4040 Creative, who specialise in building online brands and businesses.


Create captivating content

Write engaging, relevant and entertaining content that will keep readers coming back for more and please, please use correct spelling, grammar and sentence construction. Proof your posts, edit and then proof again.

Create a following

Get your friends and family to read and share your blogs through their networks. Start building loyalty amongst your readers by writing regular posts on topics you know they’ll want to read. Make sure you publicise or promote posts as and when you publish them. Respond to comments left on your site and engage with other bloggers to create reciprocal linking.

Learn from others

Get involved in the enormous and global blogging community. Participate in events and conferences to learn new tips and tricks and to connect with fellow bloggers.


Don’t be invisible

Make sure you use tags or descriptors that classify your content, for example, ‘pregnancy’, ‘health’, ‘supplements’. Think of tags as you own personalised Google service. Unless you’re well known offline, you’ll be almost impossible to find without the use of tags.

Don’t blog in a vacuum

If you want to write relevant, current and captivating content, you have to stay current yourself. Stay abreast of what’s happening out in the world by reading and engaging with other authors, whether it be on or offline. By being aware of current issues and trends in society, your content is far more likely to engage people and you can start to become a point of reference or interest for readers on certain topics.

Don’t forget why you blog

You write, but they don’t come. “What am I doing wrong” you start to think. Don’t despair. It can take a while to generate loyal and frequent readers, even if you’re doing everything right. Whatever your reason for blogging, make sure you enjoy it and that’s likely to attract readers who share your perspective on the world.

Blogging has become a powerful online community that can, if harnessed, become a profitable venture or used to promote an existing business. Even if you just want to share your thoughts on life and connect with like-minded people, there are some basic principles to follow to ensure you get the most of your blog.

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