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Business Meeting IIOne of the most exciting parts of building a tech startup is choosing an office location.  Every techie dreams of the day when he or she can become like Steve Jobs and build his or her ideal office.  It starts, of course, with choosing an office building.  While there are many things to keep in mind when picking a building for an office, there is one rule that every tech startup should follow: pick a building that does not have asbestos. Having a building with asbestos is simply not a road you should go down if you have a tech startup.  Here’s why:

Health risks

The biggest reason not to have a tech startup in an asbestos-filled building is because it’s wildly dangerous.  Asbestos commonly causes lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma, three crippling and potentially fatal diseases that are very difficult to cure.  While it can take a while for these diseases to occur, no one wants to be responsible for causing a fatal disease to another person, especially an employee. One only need look at veterans suffering from asbestos exposure to understand why it’s so critical to keep the current generations from contact with asbestos.


While worrying about the health of yourself and your employees should be your chief concern, there’s also the simple fact that you are very easily liable for any employee that contracts a serious disease because of chemicals that they were exposed to in your workplace. Not only can your employees contract lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma, but they can also hold you responsible for it.  There’s no quicker way to run through the funds of a tech startup than by having to pay for a lawsuit when a former employee with mesothelioma decides to sue you.

Unhappy workers

Anyone who runs a tech startup knows the importance of morale in the workplace.  It’s imperative that you find a way to keep your team working hard together and passionately.  When something such as asbestos is present in the workplace, you put the selflessness and happiness of your employees in jeopardy.  Workers who are aware of the dangers that asbestos presents will be unhappy in the work environment that you have created, and they will hold a grudge against you and the company for choosing an irresponsible office space.  An unhealthy work environment is a sure fire way to lose the team mentality that every tech startup needs.


The last thing that you need for your tech startup is to be more worried than you already are.  With a startup, you’re already worried about building and maintaining a team, budgeting, finding ways to profit, and grow as a business.  The last thing you need is something not related to your business to have you worried while you’re at work.  Asbestos will make you worry about your health, employee’s health, and about if you’ll ever get hit with a lawsuit for your work environment.  In short, even if the aforementioned dangers of asbestos never occur, you’ll still have to worry about them, which lowers your productivity, and makes your job much less enjoyable.

These are just some of the many reasons why you shouldn’t choose an asbestos-filled building for your tech startup.  Avoid selecting a building infested with asbestos today, to be worry-free tomorrow.

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