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Why Choose a Laser PrinterEven today, thoughts of lasers conjure up images of science fiction films or James Bond villains. They have, however, made their way into most workplaces within the UK as an essential and useful piece of office equipment.

Laser printers are one of the most popularprintersin the UK. Many large businesses have discovered their practicality, and the high quality of the work that can be turned out by a laser printer. There are several advantages to these that make the style so popular.

The printer uses electrical charges directed onto the paper where the text or picture is required. The toner then sticks to these areas to create a perfect copy of whatever is on the screen.

Big Business Loves Laser

Lexmark, one of the big players in the printer industry, announced in August that they would be taking a step back from their well-selling ink jet division. They sold off all the subsidiaries and patents to Japanese firm Funai, and announced that they were to abandon inkjet and concentrate solely on the development of their laser printers.

Paul Rooke, CEO of Lexmark, said; “We decided it wasn’t going to be a long-term profitable model and decided to pull the plug and exit the remaining inkjet business. Lexmark is completely out of inkjet now, but it is making many investments in software businesses in order to become a solutions provider.

Inkjet is still a viable technology, which Lexmark still has. But Lexmark also has and it is heavily investing in laser technology, which is a very viable and competitive colour technology even against inkjet.”

High Quality for a Good Price

Specially optimised to suit the workplace environment, the benefits of choosing laser cannot be ignored. They are capable of rapidly producing documents, whilst ensuring that the work looks good; perfect for any professional atmosphere.

Laser printers have a much better finishing style than their inkjet counterparts. If a business needs paperwork that has crisp and clean features, that finish is almost exclusive to the laser printer. They have high duty cycles and therefore will produce excellent quality work in an efficient time.

Quick and Quiet

The laser printer is a very skilled machine. From just one toner cartridge it is possible to print thousands of high quality pages; the hardware and technology utilised is much more efficient than ink jet printers. A laser printer is capable of producing at a quicker rate, in fact they can set out several copies of work in a short amount of time.

Perfect for quiet workplaces, most laser printersare almost entirely silent so it will not disturb employees or cause unproductive behaviour.

The only disadvantages of a laser printer is the cost. Once they have been purchased, however, the laser printer works out as cheaper for businesses.Overall, after time, the laser printer gives good value for money when compared with inkjet, especially for those that do a lot of printing. The toner cartridges required are cheaper than having to buy a variety of different coloured inks, and they last for several thousand documents. This is especially true in an office that only prints text documents.

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