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cloudYou will undoubtedly have heard the phrase “cloud computing” being mentioned in blogs, on websites and in the media.  However, do you actually know what cloud computing is?  In this article we will discuss what cloud computing is and why businesses are sitting up and taking notice of it and why you should consider cloud computing with an IT support, London based company.

Pre-Cloud Computing Days

In the days before the invention of cloud computing, standard and more traditional software applications for business were complicated to use and were very expensive.  The amount and variety of hardware and software that was often required was overwhelming and could cause stress for even businesses that were very tech-savvy.  To actually install, test, run, secure and even update these applications and systems you needed to employ a small group of experienced and trained staff.  When you consider the number of apps that a company may have needed times by the amount of effort that was involved in the management of these apps, it is really not difficult to see why changes were necessary and why businesses are so open to the idea of cloud computing.

Post-Cloud Computing Days

When you switch to using cloud computing for most of your business’s computing needs, you completely remove the stress that you would have had before cloud computing existed.  The very fact that you do not have to manage an array of different hardware and software is a positive because that responsibility is transferred to a very experienced cloud computing vendor.  You only pay for the applications and services that you require and upgrades are done automatically as and when they are available.  It is also very quick and easy to either upgrade or scale down your applications and services when you need to.

Most cloud computing applications can be set up and ready to use within days or weeks and are far less expensive than non-cloud based variations.  With cloud-based apps and services you just need to log on to your web browser, customize them and then start using them right away.

There are various different types of apps that you can use and run with cloud computing, including the likes of Customer Relationship Management (also known as CRM), Human Resources accounting and so many others.  This is why it is no real surprise that most of the large companies on a global scale have switch a large number or all of their computing applications into the cloud.

It is worth noting though that because of the popularity of cloud computing and as it continues to grow, there is an increased number of companies that are offering products and services that are advertised as cloud computing but are actually non-cloud.  This is why it is worth researching thoroughly into what companies are offering to your business, because if you need to buy and manage hardware and software, then you are not actually buying a cloud computing system.

Mobility And Collaboration

There have been a large number of innovations recently in cloud computing that have made business applications even more mobile and collaborative, much in the same way as the most popular of consumer apps such as Facebook and Twitter.  Just as consumers expect the information and services they care about and want to be available to them when they want and need them, business applications are heading in the same direction.

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