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home techOne phrase that many businesses have been talking about more and more in the last few years is cloud computing lately.  But, what exactly is cloud computing?  Although it may have sounded like some sort of fad that would die out in the beginning, the truth is that there has been a real shift from businesses using traditional software towards businesses using cloud computing on the internet.

Before Cloud Computing

Before cloud computing, the traditional and standard business applications were always very expensive and complicated to use.  The variety and amount of software and hardware that was required to run them was daunting and could overwhelm even the most techno-savvy business.  You would need a team of trained experts to install, test, run, secure and update these systems and applications.  When you take the effort involved and multiply it by the hundreds of apps a company may need, it is not hard to see why changes had to be made and why so many businesses are welcoming cloud computing with open arms.

Cloud Computer: The Better Way

By using cloud computing for the majority of your business computing you not only lessen but completely eliminate the headaches you would have suffered before cloud computing came along.  The reason being that you are not having to manage a plethora of different software and hardware; as that job is left in the capable hands of the highly experienced cloud computing vendor that you have chosen to work with.  Businesses only pay for the services and applications that they need and upgrades come automatically.  It is even easy to scale down or upgrade with no trouble whatsoever.

The majority of cloud-based applications can be ready to use in weeks or even days, and they cost a lot less than non-cloud alternatives.  When you have cloud apps, you just have to open your browser, log in, customise the apps the way you want them and then start using them.

You can run all sorts of different apps in the cloud, such as accounting, Human Resources, CRM or Customer Relationship Management software and many, many more.  It is no surprise that many of the largest companies in the world have moved all or a large percentage of their applications into the cloud.

As the popularity of cloud computing continues to grow, there are many thousands of companies offering services and products that are essentially non-cloud, but renamed as cloud computing.  It is worth investigating and researching into what a company is offering your business, because if you have to buy and then manage software and hardware, you are not actually purchasing cloud computing, but what could simply be designed as a false cloud.

Collaboration And Mobility

There are a number of recent innovations in cloud computing that makes business apps even more collaborative and mobile, in a similar way to the popular consumer applications like Twitter and Facebook.  Consumers now expect the information they want and care about to be pushed to them in real time, and business applications in the cloud are also heading in that direction.

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