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Biometric Clocking-in MachinesTechnology is making sci-fi fantasy a reality. The latest advances have seen the appearance of innovative time management machines which cut down on your payroll, heighten security and slash admin duties.

Using the latest bioNANO algorithms manufacturers have developed biometric clocking-in machines that identify parts of the human anatomy and record arrival and departure times accurately. Installed with computer software you can use clock-in information to your advantage.

The data is stored in a central data base which is accessible by authorised personnel. The clock-in machines accurately calculate the number of days and hours your employees have worked and transfers the information directly to HR and accounts. This enables businesses to prevent over-paying staff wages and increase productivity in admin.

You can also use time attendance data to produce a series of reports that can be of benefit to you and your employees. For example, if one of your employees is having a lot of time off work, a time attendance graph will identify any patterns in absenteeism. It may be that your employee has a personal problem in their private life you could help with. Otherwise the problem could escalate and get worse for the individual which may impact on work performance.

How do biometric time attendance machines work?

There are various types of biometric clocking-in machines on the current market, but the one similarity they all have in common is they digitally record specific features of users using a camera or sensor pad. The different types of machines are face or eye recognition, fingerprint scanners, vein scanners or handswipe.

The most popular type of biometric clocking-in machines with businesses are handswipe systems as they are less intrusive and as highly effective as any other mid-range machines on the market. For high security facilities, facial or iris scanners are preferred.

The higher-end models also heighten the security of your business property and reduce the need for 24-hour manned security. Removing heft security cost on a daily basis means you will make significant savings, thus time attendance machines pay for themselves straight away – and leave you in profit!

The sophisticated devices are also highly versatile and can be used in any work environment. Innovative models include dust proof cases which are ideal for industrial use and water proofing so scanners can be installed on the outside of buildings without being damaged by wet weather. And with stylish designs, time attendance machines fit perfectly within the modern workplace and the ever-improving eye-catching appeal technology is packaged in these days.

With the financial pressures faced by modern businesses, money managers are have to look at ways of cutting costs to make profits rather than grow the business to produce more. Technology lends a huge helping hand to allow companies to reel in the pound signs and biometric clocking-in machines are the latest in cost-cutting tools.

With the introduction of biometric time attendance machines, we are living in the future envisioned by sci-fi writers of yesteryear.


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