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home techAlthough some major global companies, such as Yahoo and HP have recently cut back the number of employees who can work from home, there is still a growing trend towards flexible working. Not only that, some employers are also encouraging staff to work off their own devices instead of forking out for business phones, tablets and laptops.

So, given that many of these devices can easily double up as both business and consumer products, here is some top work from home tech…


The smartphone has proven to be a real game changer among consumers and business-people alike, and as many adequately meet the needs of both markets, there’s a growing trend for employers to ditch the work phone and ask staff to use their own phones.

So if you’re looking for a smartphone that works for both business and pleasure, first make sure it has the spec you need and is powerful enough to run several applications at once. And don’t forget the screen size as this will be important if you’re going to be reading and editing documents from your phone.

If you work on Apple software, it may be worth getting an iPhone, if not, an Android or Windows phone should fit the bill. And if you’re going to be fielding business or conference calls from your phone, pick one with a good front facing camera and a suitable headset.


For a product that is essentially an over-sized smartphone, but without the phone bit, it’s amazing the tablet has become a must-have piece of kit – but here we are. The trend towards Bring Your Own Device, as mentioned above, is something that has undoubtedly helped the tablet grow in popularity, and as the technology advances more high-spec, low cost options are coming on to the market, the Tesco Hudl, for example.

Even the major players like Apple and Google appear to be lowering their prices with seven-inch versions available for under £300.

If you’re caught between a tablet and a laptop then it could be worth going for hybrid, which is essentially a tablet with a plug-in keyboard, for example, the ASUS Transformer Book T100, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, the Dell XPS 12 or the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro.


If you’re going to be fielding business or conference calls from your device, then you’ll need a decent speakerphone to make sure you can hear and be heard in those remote meetings. Brother, Jabra and Plantonics make some quality, user-friendly and, equally importantly, portable speakerphones, while the Aves Aqua will also do a good job.


When working in an office environment, the trend is often towards not printing things off unless absolutely necessary, but at least the option is usually there. At home it can be a different matter, particularly if you’re trying to print a document from your smartphone or device.

So it could be worth considering the LantronixxPrintServer Home Edition which will download the information on your printer, set up a driver and make printing from your smartphone or tablet a snip.

Of course, as your business grows, you may actually outgrow your home office and need to move your operation into a dedicated office space. However, you can get so used to the benefits of working from home, you might not want to admit it’s time to move on – so here are some telltale signs you’ve outgrown your home office.

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