My Top Three Tech Products – Tech Femina

Samsung Galaxy S4– This cell phone is excellent, and although it is not that far advanced from the previous version, it is incredibly impressive. There are numerous fun features which will ensure that you never tire of this phone, and even expert android users seem to be impressed. There are numerous software upgrades available, a far superior camera and many more ways to communicate. On contract,  the Samsung Galaxy S4 is affordable, which is making this phone even more appealing to a wider market.

The 5 inch high definition screen is excellent for every task you need to complete, and there is no other Smartphone that will offer this level of clarity. Battery life is a solid 7 hours, which is ideal for watching videos, browsing the Internet and every day activities. At first glance you will think that the Galaxy S4 is identical to its predecessors, however once you have one you acknowledge it is far more polished.

HP OfficeJet Pro 276dw- printers are often overlooked, however, this one ensures that you can print quality items without the need for a laser printer. Far too many people think that laser printers are the only option; however, this HP Officejet defies all the rules. With an excellent feature of the USB and SD card slots you can print directly from your device. It is a big unit, which is why the manufacturers have designed a curvier appearance.

It is quite an expensive printer, however, the technology and features are well worth the money. The inkjet MFP is extremely fast, and delivers exceptional quality every print. The best thing about this printer is the ability to use affordable ink cartridges. A laser printer in this price range will be slow and produce average results.

Dell XPS 18- if you are unsure of whether to choose a laptop or tablet the dell XPS is ideal as it is the best of both worlds. With the 18 inch touch screen display, you can navigate with ease around windows 8. The XPS can be used in the desktop cradle, or as an oversized tablet whilst on the move, which is perfect for everyone.

The battery life averages at four hours which is good for this style of laptop; however, it is rather heavy and can become a chore to carry around. The price of the Dell XPS is not cheap, but you need to consider the fact that you are getting far more than an oversized tablet. The stands that pop out of the back are easy to use and ensure that the XPS remains balanced.

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