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I love going on cruise holidays! Many people like myself opt for cruise holidays rather than ones where you need to board a plane and fly for hours, often bored out of your mind, occasionally looking out the window wondering if you are ‘there yet’!

The cruise ship is your holiday, and you get to do a whole lot of awesome activities that you wouldn’t normally be able to experience from one location. Cruise ships also dock at various ports around the world, so you can also go out and explore land if you fancy a change from the high seas.

According to, virtually all decent cruise liners have Wi-Fi Internet on board; Internet provision is made available through the use of satellite broadband technology, in case you wondered. If you are taking your Apple iPhone smartphone with you, make sure you download these must-have cruise-related apps before you go on holiday!

Google Earth


Although there is plenty to see and do on board a cruise liner, there are some times where you just want to relax and not really do anything! But if you don’t want to watch any TV or go to sleep, you could always check out whereabouts you are in the world by using the excellent Google Earth app on your iPhone!

Download Google Earth from the App Store (it’s free).

Cruise Ship Mate


If you’ve got some time before you set sail on your cruise ship adventure, you need to get yourself the Cruise Ship Mate app!

This feature-packed app lets you countdown the days before you leave land, and does a plethora of cool stuff such as tracking where your ship currently is, and it will even let you view a number of deck plans thanks to the support it has for more than 13 different cruise liner companies.

Download Cruise Ship Mate from the App Store (it’s free).

Cruise International Magazine


If you haven’t yet planned or booked a cruise holiday, but you are stuck for ideas on whom to book with and where to go, you ought to check out the independent Cruise International Magazine app for some ideas.

Although the magazine is subscription-based, it’s worth the subscription fees because it’s jam-packed with all sorts of interesting features, amazing photographs and useful information about what it’s like to travel on a cruise ship, if you have never done so before.

Download Cruise International Magazine from the App Store (it’s free).

Cruise Cam


Should you be a cruising newbie and you want to see what sort of exotic destinations cruise ships end up venturing to, the Cruise Cam app is just up your street! Using the power of your Apple iPhone, you can sail the seven seas and visit ports on all sorts of different cruise liners itineraries to find out which one will offer the best cruise holiday for you.

The app features cameras from dozens of different cruise liners.

Download Cruise Cam from the App Store (it costs £1.49).

Cruise Tycoon


Once you’ve got over the initial excitement of booking your cruise holiday, you then start to countdown the days or weeks before you finally get to step aboard your cruise liner and commence your oceanic adventures.

It can be pretty boring sometimes waiting for the time to pass before you begin your holiday, so to help you get into that holiday mood and make your countdown more bearable, you could always download the Cruise Tycoon game for your iPhone.

The aim of the game is to build up your cruise ship company so that you can become a successful cruise tycoon! You start off with just one small ship in your fleet, and as you take on more staff and sail to different destinations you will rake the money in!

Download Cruise Tycoon from the App Store (it costs £1.49).

Deck Director


If you have never been on a cruise ship before, then one thing you have yet to learn is just how enormous cruise ships really are! Some people have the idea that they aren’t much bigger than say the ferry you would take to cross the English Channel from Dover to Calais, but let me tell you that cruise ships are extremely massive in size!

The only real complaint from people that go on cruise ship holidays is how much walking there is to various public places, but what those people should have done (and what you need to be doing) is download the Deck Director app! Deck Director is a handy cruise ship guide that will tell you how to go to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time.

Download Deck Director from the App Store (it costs £2.99).

Cruise Industry Magazine



For the cruise ship and industry geeks among us, there is the excellent Cruise Industry Magazine app to download for the iPhone! This quarterly magazine is jam-packed full of industry news, developments and behind-the-scenes tours of some of the world’s most-popular cruise liners and the companies that operate them.

I should point out that, although the app itself is free, you will need to pay a subscription fee to gain access to the quarterly magazines, but that aside it’s still great value for what you are provided with.

Download Cruise Industry Magazine from the App Store (it’s free).

Ship Finder


Although the world is a big place, you are likely to encounter several different ships and other vessels on your cruise holiday. But what exactly are these vessels? Where do they come from? Where are they going to?

If you are a curious sort of guy or gal, perhaps you need to be downloading the Ship Finder app from the App Store! The app provides virtually near real-time progress on ships all around the world, and a simple tap on any ship will reveal detailed information about that vessel that will provide a plethora of facts for even the most curious of cats!

Download Ship Finder from the App Store (it costs £2.99).

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