THE-TOP-FIVE-HOME-CINEMA-MOVIES-2013It could be movie admission getting more and more expensive, or it could very well be, after 4K and Blu-ray becoming affordable available, home cinema set ups becoming almost ubiquitous. But whatever it is, something is causing a night in with a film to replace visiting the movie theatre. Here we explore the top selling flicks of 2013 and the reasons they destroyed all competition.

Fifth highest amount of sales was the 1.25 million units sold of the concluding part of Twilight Breaking Dawn. The movie saw the return of most of the cast, including the three baby-faced heartthrobs spellbinding teens across planet Earth; RPattz, K Stew, and… Taylor Lautner. Allegedly over five thousand actors had to audition in order to discover Pattinson (Edward), the star has since speculated about original Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, in interviews; saying that he suspects her to be in love with the characters she has dreamt up. The film hinges on a dramatic brawl between the two opposing forces, that wasn’t even in any of the books, but many argue that it is the most thrilling facet of the movie.

Fourth highest amount of sales was the 1.26 million units sold of Tarantino’s most recent masterpiece, Django Unchained. Seeing Jamie Foxx as a compelling and instantly classic underdog character dazzled moviegoers the world over, but the role had almost gone to Will Smith! I suppose though if the Fresh Prince had have snagged the part, the crew would have had to land themselves a horse for him from somewhere; Foxx brought his own to work with. Quentin is renowned for his team building antics off-set which, during this project, consisted of taking the cast to a local theatre he was screening his private collection of samurai and western films at. Look out for the film aficionado’s trademark ‘Red Apple tobacco’…

Third highest amount of sales was the 1.73 million units sold of Disney’s 52nd animated adventure, Wreck-it Ralph. Beginning decades ago in Disney’s studios, and during development, going through many titles including ‘Joe Jump’, and ‘Reboot Ralph’, the video-game themed computer-animated comedy entertained the whole family, with references strictly aimed at the older generations. Several Street Fighter characters, Bowser from Super Mario, Mortal Kombat villains, and even a ghost from Pacman made cameo appearances.
Second highest amount of sales was the 2.26 million units sold of Peter Jackson’s latest Tolkien adaptation, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. As well as that colossal number of Blu-ray sales, reports indicate that this film was illegally downloaded more than every other movie of 2013. Jackson has become the next director after James Cameron and Christopher Nolan to have directed 2 movies that made over a billion dollars at the box office. I’m sure the crew were glad of those profit margins after they caused New Zealand to completely run out of gold paint, during the creation of Smaug’s treasure.

The most sales amassed by any film in 2013 were the insane 3 million units sold of 23rd Bond film, and number one home movie of the year, Skyfall. It grossed higher than any other movie in the UK, and all of its predecessors, making over $100,000,000 in its first 7 days. Can you imagine how the accompanying Bond song of Adele’s would have sounded centred around any of the possible titles that almost were? ‘Silver Bullet’? ‘A Killing Moon’? ‘Once Upon a Spy’? Skyfall broke all kinds of new ground to mark the 50th year since the first 007 film:

  • Never before has a Bond villain achieved his primary directive.
  • Never before has Bond even sustained one bullet wound.
  • Never before has the famous DB5 exploded.

It’s no wonder it fast became the 8th highest grossing feature film of all time.
I can’t wait to see what classics 2014 will yield; maybe some of these blockbusters will have sequels…

Written by Peter Hall

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