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Top 7 tech that failed to take offOur world isfast becoming dominated by increasingly-advanced tech – from smartphones to smartwatches to smartTVs – but for every genuinely, ground-breaking design there’s a piece of kit that panned.
So here’s a run-down of the top seven tech that failed to take off…

Amstrad [email protected]

These days, email is just another everyday form of communication, along with sending a text message, making a video call, a conference call or even, heaven forbid, a telephone call.

Back in the year 2000 though, email was still a relatively new phenomenon for many, while touch screen smartphones and tablets were still pretty much the stuff of science fiction. Even so, Amstrad’s [email protected] – basically a phone with a screen and keyboard tacked on – still looked years out of date on its release and probably bombed for this very reason. Oh, and the fact that using the thing could easily add £150 to your monthly phone bill!

Apple Newton

It’s hard to imagine a world in which Apple products weren’t instantly snapped up by a public so eager they’d camp overnight outside electrical stores just to get their hands on the latest gadget.

Things were very different back in 1987 though, and when the Apple Newton – a precursor of the PDA and, ultimately, the iPad – landed, a combination of poor functionality and a massive price tag meant this became one in the eye for Apple.

Sinclair C5

Still in the 80s and Clive Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum series had taken the home computer market by storm – their monochrome graphics and 8-bit sounds still stir something in the soul of gamers of a certain age.
Not quite so popular though, was the Sinclair C5 – an electric tricycle that could reach speed of 15mph and be driven without driving licence. The thing is, a vehicle that has its handlebars at such a position that you have to steer with your hands under your knees was never going to be trusted – 20 miles per charge still isn’t bad though…