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eveningHave you ever got home from work or university and just wanted to lock yourself in your room all alone? This happens to me a lot and the internet is my best friend on these occasions.

The following are a few of the kinds of site which are recommended for relaxing and making the most of this kind of evening in alone.

Gaming Sites

It’s a bit weird that I would never ever walk into a real casino, a bingo hall or an amusement arcade on my own but I could happily play away on sites offering the same games for hours on end. The amazing popularity of gaming sites like these probably comes down to the fact that people like me prefer to play online than go out to a real life gambling location. On a site like you will feel right at home and comfortable as soon as you enter. Surprisingly, you can also meet some very good friends on here if you join in with the chat option and let your hair down for a few hours.

Google Earth

As a kid I used to love sitting down with a battered old Atlas and looking at all the strange and exotic places across the planet. Now that I’m all grown up I can do the same thing using the internet. Google Earth is an amazing piece of technology which transports you to any where you want to go. If I am home alone I can get completely lost in this site. I’ll look up the house where I lived as a kid, the Spanish resort where I had my first ever foreign holiday and all of the places I want to go to in the future. The thing is; Google Earth never ceases to amaze and thrill me, no matter how often I use it.


It might seem strange that I run to my room to be away from the world and then immediately go on Facebook to speak to people. However, I just love looking through my friends’ pictures, seeing what they are all up to and coming across new contacts I have never met before. Perhaps there is an element of preferring a virtual friendship to a real one at times but I don’t think there is any harm in that.

Humour Sites

I love a good laugh when I am in the mood for settling down on the sofa in my pyjamas with some snacks. After a hard day earning a living it is brilliant to be able to relax on my own and laugh at some great jokes and stories. There are lots of funny sites out there which genuinely amuse me. I particularly like those articles which feature pictures of people doing silly things or of bad billboards signs and stuff like that. In my opinion, the internet is far more entertaining than the TV, provided that you know where to look for your laughs.

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