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The good and the bad about mobile gamingWe all know that as well as running every other aspect of your life through your smartphone, there is plenty of gaming to be done on there too.

It wasn’t until fairly recently, though, that you could play cash casino games on your mobile. And even then, only some of the casino sites offered a few of their range of games. Today, that’s all changed, with pretty much every casino site having at least some of their top games available in mobile format.

This means, of course, yet more times when you can game. It’s a far more interesting alternative than trying to read an unwieldy newspaper or simply get bored staring at the back of another commuter’s head on the way to and from work. With your mobile in your hand you can escape out of the moment and into the world of gaming and doing so will make the journey fly by. In fact, anytime you fancy a few spins of your favourite slots game, you can simply log in and start playing. Whether it’s for five minutes or a whole evening, you never have to wait, there’s always a game waiting for you to start playing.

Of course, there have long been gaming apps to use on smartphones, but now that you can play with the possibility of winning real cash prizes, it adds an extra frisson of excitement to the games. And choice is growing all the time. Take a look at the mobile section on and you’ll see that you can play classic casino games like blackjack and roulette as well as a wide selection of slots. And with bet365, of course, you can always get your sports bets placed using your mobile too.

As well as a wide selection of games, most casino sites also run special promotions for mobile users to encourage them to play more. This can be anything from free spins on the slots through to extra casino credit. If you have an account, it’s always worth checking the promos page or tab to see what the latest offers are.

But what are the disadvantages to playing casino games on your mobile? Sometimes, the games that require a little more thought and decision-making aren’t always so easy to play on the mobile, especially if you’re in a place where there’s lots of background noise and distractions. For games that need concentration, you’re best off sticking to playing on your pc at home.

There are also the issues around playing on the smaller size screens that mobiles or tablets have. And for some players, it’s not as much fun playing with the keypads rather than a mouse, but most people soon get used to it. Some players find the graphics on a mobile don’t add to the playing experience in the same way that they do on a big screen.

Wherever you choose to play casino, whether it’s on a mobile or a desktop, the important rule you should always abide by is to never bet money that you can’t afford to lose. If you haven’t got that kind of self-discipline, then you’re best off avoiding casino games altogether and playing the free gaming apps instead.


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