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There are a few things that you need to consider when setting up your own ecommerce website. This guide will help you achieve success through easy steps:


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Identify a market: rather than starting with identifying a product, you will boost your chances of success by firstly identifying the gaps in the market. You will need to find a group of people that are searching for a solution to a particular problem.

You can take a two stage approach to this by:

–          Use keyword research to establish what people are looking for.

–          Check out competitors to see how they are providing a solution to this market.

Once you have done this, you will have a good idea as to what product you can sell or service to provide to fill the demand.

Write copy that sells your product/service: There is a formula that you should follow from when a visitor arrives on your site, to when they make a purchase and beyond.

 –          Create a compelling headline

–          Discuss how your product solves the problem

–          Advise the visitor on your company’s credibility to solve this problem

–          Add supporting information, like testimonials and reviews

–          Promote the benefits of the product, and how it benefits the visitor

–          Make an offer (price/service)

–          Provide a guarantee

–          Create a sense of urgency

Throughout this communications process you will need to focus on how your business is unique, and the product/service really benefits people. Think like a customer.

 Build your ecommerce website: Providers like Premier Choice Internet can help with ecommerce website builds from the ground up. It may be more effective to keep your site as simple as possible, as you will have only five seconds to create an impact on the visitor.

 Use search engines and advertising to drive visitors to your site: Pay Per Click (PPC) is the easiest way, and can be the most cost effective way, to drive traffic to your new ecommerce website. You can control your spend, your headlines and supporting copy. It also gives you the chance to test keywords and phrases which, over time, will help you refine your PPC ads and learn more about the people visiting your website.

 Earn your reputation: Your business reputation will not just be found on your own website. Instead you need to think about the internet, and the different, yet relevant, websites as a community. Share knowledge with other people on forums, or share information on other sites. The secret is to keep people as interested as possible, creating a teaser for your own company which will get people to visit your site.

 Proactively market your business through email marketing: You will need to start by creating an email subscription area of your new website. Give people an incentive to sign up, and before you know it, your email list will grow. Use this list effectively by sending out relevant information, news and offers. Consider the frequency and how you tailor your emails so you keep your audience receptive.

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