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If you’re upgrading your old iPhone to a newer model, you’ll probably be looking to sell your old one for the best price you can get. There are many ways you can do this; advertising on Facebook, eBay, and even trading in to phone recycling companies. Whichever way you decide to go about it, there’s a way you can get more cash for it than sticking an advertisement on in a slap dash way. Here’s how:

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Selling on eBay

If you’ve not used eBay much or are totally new, you might find placing an ad on there a little intimidating. The most important thing to remember when selling anything at all on eBay, is to be totally transparent. Be honest about the condition your phone is in, and mention any scuffs or marks. You might not be able to notice them, but somebody who has bought your phone might!

You also need to add good quality pictures on to your listing. Make sure they’re pictures of your actual iPhone, and are in focus. Highlight any marks you’ve mentioned with photographs too. Don’t use flash, just choose a good lighting. High quality photos can really push up the bids!

Make sure you pay attention to when your auction will end – you don’t want it to end in the middle of a working day, so end it in the evening when everybody will have finished work and had a chance to put their last minute bids in. If you add a buy it now price, make sure you’re happy with it. It can be quite a bit steeper than your starting bid if you like, to avoid ‘undercutting’ your auction. You can also chuck in any cases or accessories you won’t use now you’re selling the phone – these should really make the bids go crazy!

Selling on Facebook

Selling on Facebook where your friends can see it is a simple and convenient way to sell your phone, with no listing fees/final percentage having to be paid out at the end of it. If you’ve got lots of friends on your Facebook page, chances are you know at least one person whose after an iPhone. Make sure when you advertise it you sound like yourself, and only put in the information needed (like GB, condition, model, etc), as you can let them know anything else once they’re interested. Make sure you give your iPhone a clean if it needs one; a lot of dust and gunk can sit under and iPhone case if left for too long.

Trading or Recycling Your Phone

There are many options if you want a quick and easy transaction when it comes to getting rid of your phone, with recycling/trading in two of the easiest ways to do it. If your main train of thought is, ‘I want to sell my iPhone fast’, then you should definitely consider trading in or recycling with a reputable company.

That’s it! Providing you’ve kept your iPhone in good condition and are totally honest with anybody interesting in buying, you’ll get a great deal for your old phone.

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