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When you buy a car these days, you expect it to have some basic technology such as Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone (to stream music and make handsfree calls), a CD player, and maybe even a built-in sat-nav device on higher specification models.

But if you want to truly unleash your inner geek, or you just have a love of technology, one car you will want to consider buying is the new Jaguar XJ!



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Granted, it’s probably a tad on the expensive side for some people’s budgets, but if you’ve got the cash and you really want a car of the future today, this is the car for you. In this blog post, I walk you through some of the amazing technological innovations that the British carmaker has fitted as standard into their flagship model.

Virtual Instrument Panel


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Cars typically have analogue or digital dials on the dashboard for the speedometer, rev counter, milometer, fuel gauge and so on. But with the new Jaguar XJ, all of that is gone and is replaced by a clever “virtual instrument panel”!

This 12.3-inch high-definition display panel uses a TFT screen to display all sorts of useful information inside of your dashboard, all of which can be controlled by 5-way controls mounted on the steering wheel.

Touchscreen Display


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I know that touchscreen displays are nothing new in cars, but according to Hafox Jaguar, the 8-inch colour touchscreen display in the Jaguar XJ is special. The display essentially acts as a “hub” or control centre for the car, and is used to carry out or adjust a number of key functions:

  • Audio control – enables you to alter the volume of the 250-watt sound system or change to different radio stations or media formats, as well as tweak various audio functions;

  • Phone control – lets you link your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to the car for music streaming and handsfree capabilities;

  • Sat-nav – great for helping you get to any unfamiliar destinations quickly and safely, without the need for any additional in-car accessories;

  • Climate control – the Jaguar XJ has both dual-zone and four-zone climate control, and even includes automatic window demisting;

  • Seat control – this car is all about convenience, and as such you can now programme any of the four electric seats for optimum comfort!

Passenger Entertainment


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The Jaguar XJ is all about ensuring that passengers are driven around in a luxurious car that offers the best in convenience and technology. Behind the front passenger headrests is a couple of 8-inch TFT touchscreen displays (and even they can be upgraded to 12-inch displays, as per the example photograph above)!

Passengers sitting in the back of the car can enjoy their favourite TV programmes, as well as watching a DVD or two, or even stream video from their Bluetooth-enabled devices. High-quality wireless headphones ensure that the audio is available only to the passenger watching the display, or the sound can be shared with all of the car’s occupants through the 12-speaker distortion-free sound system.


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