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It’s safe to say the IT industry is traditionally seen as something of a man’s world, full of codes, HTML’s and technical jargon.

It is to no surprise that when asked to picture a tech professional, the vast majority of people will imagine the standard geeky male stereotype.  Web developers, software developer, programming and web designing were all imagined to be male. That is not necessary true though, as many individuals with IT jobs are not geeks for a start and there are plenty of females working in the industry with well paid jobs and senior roles. While this image of a person working in IT is a male thus reflecting a general notion that it is a male dominated area, this is not completely accurate and there are concerns that it may prevent more women from entering the sector.

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Two female tech professionals have previously discussed this issue with the Aberdeen Press and Journal. Holly Paterson and Faye Summers fromSkibo Technologies, told the newspaper that being a woman in the industry is challenging, but very rewarding, and they would like to see more females become involved.

Ms Summers, who works in a desktop support and procurement role, commented: “I think there is still a stereotype when it comes to IT and that may be why some women might not consider a position in the industry.”

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Careers in IT and courses such as Database Training, web design should be promoted more, as this wasn’t the case compared to other areas when she was younger according to Ms Summers. She goes on to suggest that this may be a reason why women don’t consider working in the sector.

Ms Paterson, who works in IT sales, told the newspaper she thinks more female role models are needed.

“Young men have the likes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey and his contemporaries who launched Twitter, but there are not many high-profile women to look up to,” she stated.

Ms Paterson also said she believes the stereotypical image of IT may be deterring women from seeking a tech-based career. However, she stressed this perception “couldn’t be further from the truth” and females shouldn’t let this put them off.

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