Is technology ruining fishing or Ensuring you have a Great Day? – Tech Femina

Fishing remains an incredibly popular activity for people to enjoy all over the world; however, some feel that this simple past time has been replaced by technology. There are remarkably few occasions when you cannot use technology to your advantage; however, is there a need when you are fishing. This debate divides many keen fishermen, and you need to consider every element.

One of the most popular places to use any form of technology when fishing is on the boat, this ensures that the hard work is removed from you. Bait boats are becoming a popular addition to every fishing trip, and some fishermen consider them to be a vital element. These small remote control boats are launched and controlled by the fisherman and enable them to place bait perfectly.

Catching fish can be considered an art, and some people struggle for hours to place the bait correctly, which can be tiresome for the first time fisherman. Traditional methods are brilliant, but for charter fishing trips where people want to have a fun, successful day, these gadgets are ideal. They remove the element of frustration, and guarantee that everyone has a larger chance of catching some fish.

Experienced fishermen consider this piece of technology to be bad, and for some it is a massive element of cheating. Some of the men and women that have been fishing for years have spent time and effort perfecting their skills. Therefore, the bait boats are frowned upon and discouraged by the more experienced fisherman.

You need to consider who you will be fishing with, and what the intention of the day is before deciding whether to use technology. If your day is about bonding, making friends, and having fun, you may want to consider using old fashioned methods, and leaving the bait boats at home. Low tech methods may seem tedious, but they will ensure that you learn more from the fishing trip.

There are several other pieces of technology that can help your fishing trip before the day, including DVD’s which can help you to learn more about fishing. If you take the time to research fish habits, and baiting information before you go out fishing, you may find that you day is far more successful. You will be amazed at how many incredible DVD’s are available, and although this may not seem like new technology, they are incredibly helpful.

One piece of technology that many fishermen use is the bite alarm, which will help you to monitor your line at all times. Again some older people consider this to be pointless, as the art of fishing is relaxation and concentration. However, the bite alarm will ensure that you can be off doing other things, and still aware of the fish on your line.

Many of the gadgets and pieces of technology that are available will not ensure that you catch fish, or make it easier for you. However, they can help to make your fishing trip enjoyable, and fun, guaranteeing that you want to return in the future. Fishing is a hobby that some feel is no longer enjoyed by the younger generations. However, with the technology involved it may encourage more people to fish.


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