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Tablets are at the top of every gadget girls wishlist this year, and we all cannot wait to get our hands on the latest and greatest. If you’re considering buying a new tablet, or upgrading your old one, then this is the guide for you. Introducing everything you ever wanted to know about buying a tablet.

Which operating system to go for

The first, difficult decision to make is going to be which OS to go for; with each and every one having their pros and cons. We like Apple, as it was the original, and we like Android for its customizability, but then we also like Windows 8 for its ease of use. So, how do you decide which one is best for you? It’s all down to what you want to use your tablet for, and what you want it to sync up with. If you have an iPhone and a Mac then it may be an obvious choice to go for an iPad, same as it may be obvious to get a Windows 8 tablet to match your laptop. However, Android have some incredible tablets that go with pretty much anything, and are supported by a wide range of brands.

The best looking tablets

We’re not going to lie and say that we don’t look at the aesthetics of a tablet before we go ahead and buy it, looks do matter too. That being said, with the everchanging tablet market it won’t be long before something looks sleeker and more attractive. Google have some rather good looking Android tablets at the moment, and Windows are catching up in the aesthetics charts. However, if you’re going for a tablet that looks incredible then Apple are always going to win that race; with the iPad Air being a prime example of good looking tablets.

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The best spec

It’s not all about how a tablet looks to us, it is also how it works. If you want something that isn’t going to give up in a few months, nor run the apps you need, then you will be looking for something with a decent specification. Windows tablets have done pretty well when it comes to upgrading what Apple and Android started out doing, with a useful interface, quick thinking processors and beautiful graphics. Android have the advantage of regular updates, meaning that you are always kept up to date with the technological world. Whereas Apple, well again they’re in a whole league of their own. Make sure you compare the specs of your tablets before plunging in and buying one.

Our favourites

We couldn’t finish off everything you need to know about buying a tablet without including some of our favourites. Here are some you should keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Apple iPad Air – One of the hottest tablets this year, and probably for the next few years too. This is a beautiful Apple tablet, but comes at a price.
  • Windows Surface Pro 2 – This is such a cool tablet, because it makes it easy to use everywhere. Prices start from the mid-range to the downright expensive, if you go for the huge 256GB version.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – This is a stunning looking tablet, that has an incredible spec and a rather large screen. Plus you can get one for under £400 which is a bargain in our eyes!

There we have it, everything you ever wanted to know about buying a tablet. Now it’s down to you to decide which one you’re going to get. Which one will you choose?

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