starfish ladys touchscreen phone1

I never thought I’d ever call a starfish weird-shaped, but a cell phone shaped as a starfish is crazy. The phone has been promoted as the “Lady’s Cell Phone”, huh, grow up people, women don’t take every glitzy trash, which comes their way. However, they present it as one of the most exceptional pieces. The unlocked GSM phone sports a faux diamond and average features – a 1.8″ touchscreen, a camera, bluetooth connectivity and 2GB memory card. It’s available in 4 colors, and you may chose either of the colors, but it will always remain a pain to use it with that uncomfortable shape. The starfish Lady’s Phone carries the price tag of $126. If you still fancy a weird phone, I would rather recommend the Phone Braver, which despite being weird is a lot more fun with the bendable hands and legs.

starfish ladys touchscreen phone4

starfish ladys touchscreen phone5

starfish ladys touchscreen phone6

Via: Chip Chick