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Wing Inter launches its MP3 player PEN

Innovation is the buzz word nowadays in order to catch the wide attention of the masses. And this pen,N007PEN, featuring mp3 player boasts of it and that too with an added style statement. This pen was on display at the aimex 2007 (Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibition). This small but quite a handy ball pen also incorporates a mp3 player, USB2.0 memory, and voice recorder, it facilitates us to record, snoop to our favorite music, and take a note concurrently. One may also store his important work via USB memory. It imparts 5~6 hours of record time, mp3/WMA/WAV files playback, and fixed-interval repetition functionality, can be charged via USB charger. The company presents 5 different and discrete models – 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB at a price tag of 99,000(KRW), 108,900(KRW), 143,000(KRW), 176,000(KRW) and 198,000(KRW), correspondingly. Wing Inter soon may have it registered as a patented trademark. Via: Aving

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