unusual headphones

These must me crazy music enthusiasts, who want their headphones to stand out not just in sound but be out-of-the-box visually too. The ordinary in-ear buds aren’t geeky enough for them, so you may instead see a cigarette pack or boxing gloves hanging out from their ears. Now, how would you react to headphones, which are based on MJ’s Thriller? We scrounged the web for similar unusual headphones, which will pop out your eyeballs.

1. Transformers Headphones

transformers earphones

Who has a wild fascination of wearing Transformers on ears? It was so far so good, when the rage was just limited to some funky Transformers USB goodies, but headphones look a bit too insane. The headphones that offer choice of Frenzy or Ramble for your ears,sell for $38.

2. Thriller Headphones

thriller headphones

If the video wasn’t thrilling enough then try and listen the audio on these crazy headphones. If Jackson was alive he would have loved the tributary headphones sporting all the Thriller drama on its headband. The astounding headphones have been designed by Johnny Lighthands and built by ATOM Creative.

3. The Ultimate Ears

ultimate ears

The irregularly shaped earbuds actually reflect the innards of your ears. The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro in collaboration with Logitech feature amazing 6 drivers in each earbud for superb sound quality. The ultra-tech Ultimate Earphones are priced at staggering $1,350.

4. The Tron-inspired Headphones

tron headphones

Now, Tron doesn’t look normal in the real world! So, what would be your take on these extraterrestrial headphones? Collaborating with Disney, Monster Cable has come up with a Tron line headphones, headphones, Powerstation and ID Disc Dock. The T1 headphones are said to be sporting Monster’s ControlTalk, and looks uber-geeky as if coming straight from the movie.

5. Earphones that pierce across your ears

crazy earphones

The dangerous Crazy Earphones might pierce across your skull! These earphones would have been so apt for Halloween. The “Crazy Earphones” look super cool despite their wacky designs. When you put both the earbuds in your ears, it looks like some wacky thing has penetrated across your ears – it could be a deadly sword or an arrow, which will come out from one ear to another piercing your skull. You’ll get a fun range of oddities in these Solid Alliance earphones and each one will cost you about $22.

6. Cigarette pack headset

cigarette earphones

You may now fag through your ears as well. The cigarette pack-shaped earphone headset has been designed for okia / Samsung / Sony Ericsson mobiles. It’s available for just $6.79.

7. Animated Headphones

squamata headphones

Designer Jop Japenga has designed a eerie pair of headphones featuring animated skin. The prototype animated headphones displays amusing show on its headband in reaction to the mood of music. Japenga has used alloy, Arduino and custom electronic to create kinetic scales on the band that wave with either energetic or subtle force in accordance with the genre of music. It’s like a concrete music visualizer on the headphone skin.

8. Jeweled Skull Earphones

jeweled skull earphones

What is this? Some shimmer to make a tedious thing look interesting? You may find these earphones cool with that jewel skull, as it could be quite a treat for the dangerous divas.

9. The LEGO Headphones

diy lego headphones

If you love pimping out things as your DIY projects, then try this one out too. The DIY headphones are “sturdy enough to be tossed around in a bag”, the Instructables user “=D” claims. They look quite bulky, but are stylish nonetheless. You can follow the instruction at the Instructables and make some good use of the weekend, though it took “=D” a month to make it work.

10. V-Moda Crossfade headphones

v moda crossfade

Until and unless you’re into sci-fi stuff, you’ll wonder looking at these headphones, why one designed these this way. Fashionistas might find it kooky with that balmy structure, and huge earcups, but trust me your boyfriend will find it the most happening thing on earth. It’s like the rule of gravity, what you hate, your guy would love for sure. The leather headset with some weird graphics is ideal for your boy, so pick your piece without a second thought for $200.