yurbuds yurphones

Those who can’t go for luxurious high-end earphones which sound astounding, just because of financial crunch, they can now enjoy much better sound on their standard earphones only. The yurbuds are nifty earbuds, which enhances the sound quality of any headphone at a super affordable price. With special recessed grooves, the yurbuds are so designed that they avoid key pain areas and gain more improved audio. The yurbuds are custom sized and can be bought separately for $199.99 or along with the yurphones , for even better combination and ultimate sound experience, all priced at discounted price of $29.99. The package will include one pair of yurbuds™ earbud enhancers with one pair of yurphones™ earbuds and adapters for bluetooth headsets.

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Via: Chip Chick