Toshiba’s New Portaro DVD Player Flaunts LED Backlit LCD Display – Techfemina

The Toshiba Portaro SD-P12DT is a portable DVD player with a 12-inch LCD screen with an LED backlight. It offers pretty watchable video experience at 1,366×768 resolution. The sleek glossy device measures 342×73×326 mm and weighs less than 3 kg. It also includes a SD card slot, a digital TV tuner and supports DVD-R/RW and CD-R/RW, so that you can enjoy multi-media entertainment anywhere. It runs on lithium-ion battery and lasts 4 hrs after being fully juiced up. Available in two color options – black and White – the compact DVD player will start retailing from February 1 for $550.

Via: Crunchgear507303

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