The Moshi Moshi: Elegant Bluetooth device for ultimate mobile experience at home

moshi moshi

moshi moshi

Native Union is known for revolutionizing the way telephones, mobile handsets and the related accessories look and function. Their innovative and sexy designs paired with advanced technology, make the products simply irresistible. Now, they have come up with an uber-sophisticated new line of Moshi Moshi, which is aimed at “Changing the way we use our mobile phones at home or at the office.”

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Native Union MM04i

The Moshi Moshi04i (MM04i) is a unique Bluetooth device, which is designed by an award winning British designer Michael Young. It’s a dedicated iPhone charging dock with Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology. The technology virtually lets you pair and answer calls on two different Bluetooth devices. Besides, MM04i also works as a high-quality Bluetooth Stereo speakers, and noise isolating conference call unit. Even aesthetically, the device looks classy and elegant, something which can add a spark on your desk or a mantle at home. The Moshi Moshi 04i is priced at $199.


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