The Edifier Luna 5 Encore Is Another Massive IPod Dock – Techfemina

Are we regressing from the compact world to the era of “the bigger, the better”? Well, it appears so from this brand new massive iPod dock, which is huge and demands quite a lot space in your living area. The Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod dock speaker is huge, and so is its output. You get 32-watt from subwoofer, along with the sound of four 20-watt speakers. The giant iPod dock is shockingly affordable at $250.

Even before Edifier Luna 5 Encore, there have been many iPod peripherals that tried to stand in the crowd with their big size and big performance. Just take a look at a couple of them below.

iPod Wall of Sound

3ft Wall speaker that blasts at 125W, and weighs 225 pounds.

Price: $4,500

Geneva Sound System XL

The Geneva Sound System is a universal iPod dock with a huge speaker pumping up to 600 W of output. It weighs 38 kg and measures about 61cm in height.

Price: $1,075

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

Aesthetically designed with symmetrical curved configuration, Zeppelin is the iconic massive design with high quality 100 W output.

Price: $599.95

Ion Block Rocker Portable Sound System

It’s also a big sound amplifier besides being an iPod dock. The Block Rocker features high-output, 20W powered mountable 2-way speaker system.

Price: $299

The SoundDock

The Bose SoundDock 10 is an 18-pound iPod dock with decent sound quality.

Price: $600

Giant lego style iPod dock

Designed like a giant lego brick, the iBlock Stereo Dock is an exquisite piece with integrated powerful stereo speakers with an Active Bass enhancement system.

Price: $57507191

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