The Asspeaker For Some Creepy Fun – Techfemina

Wanna listen to some music, rub your ass! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to be gawky, but it’s about the Asspeaker. Here’s this wackiest set of sound system, which is quite fun though. Well, you must be cleared by now, why it’s named Asspeaker, but what’s even more interesting is the way it is required to be operated. You gotta rub or tap it in order to control it’s volume or turn it on or off. However, the most nasty control is the one that tunes the bass, and to know where it lies, check out the picture below. If your hands are itching to use this creepy speaker, I’m sorry it might take some time to get a bold approval to hit the shelves, until then it’s just a concept designed by Javad Yazdani, Mohsen Tafazzoly, and Younes Daneshvar.

Via: Technabob504604

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