The $3 Million IPhone 3GS Supreme: The King Of The Luxury Phones – Techfemina

Oh baby, the Apple’s diamond studded phones has gotten everybody startled, for being the most expensive phone ever. The iPhone 3GS Supreme is priced at the hands down $3.3 million (approx.). The case in which this ultimate luxury phone comes encased, is made in 22 carat gold. Now you can imagine the “blue diamond”, such lavish case must be carrying, it’s a super exotic phone, studded with 200 flawless diamonds. The Apple logo alone, which the phone carries, has 53 diamonds on its rear. The Designer, Stuart Hughes, took ten months to create this most splendid iPhone ever. I’m certainly gonna hold this ultimate bling in my hand, in my dream at least, that doesn’t require even a penny.

Via: NY Daily News497750

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