There have been some exciting events that happened early this year, which featured the latest in technological and digital innovations. The first one took place last January in Las Vegas known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which actually happens every year. We witnessed several new products that were not yet available in the market including Lenovo’s smartbook called Skylight, which is smaller than netbooks and can be carried around more easily because it is lightweight at less than two pounds. It will be out in the market very soon and would cost $499. It’s a good thing that we’ve availed of an AT&T plan because now we can have the smartbook for only $200. I am definitely going to take advantage of this cool promotion and apply for a payday loan when it gets out of the market. Another hot trend that we’ve seen at CES is the slim TV. Both LG of Korea and Samsung have introduced their super slim TVs which are the slimmest ever to come out in the market with thickness of 0.92 inch and 0.27 inch respectively. We also got a glimpse of Plastic Logic’s QUE pro-reader, an e-reader better than Amazon’s Kindle. It does away with the keyboard and replaces this with a 10.7 inch touch screen. Plastic Logic says that the Que pro-reader is made of smash-proof materials, which is unlike any of the e-readers found in the market. Other interesting exhibits that we made sure we didn’t miss are the Digital Life Show held in New York and the CTIA Cellular Show. Both events featured some remarkable software and gadgetries. In the Digital Life Show, Microsoft introduced the Media PC software which is incorporated in Vista. This means that PCs can now have more media capabilities fitted into their system. Even televisions may also be enabled to conduct PC media-based content via a media extender. In the CTIA exhibit, a lot of trendy handsets caught our fancies including the HTC Evo 4G. Not only does the Evo look sleek and gorgeous, it also contains heaps and loads of wonderful features. It is also amazing how it can hook up a maximum of eight devices. The Blue Ant T1 headset should complement the Evo very well. This headset enables one to communicate clearly outdoors even at wind speeds of 22 miles per hour. These tech shows were all fantastic, and I could only look forward to what’s in store for next year’s events.