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Now, you and your family no more have to carry and rely on your electric chargers that comes with your cellphones because now an all in one solar charging device is launched that promises to charge any of your iPod, cell phone, and PDA’s too via sun rays. This compact black gadget comes with loads of adapters and promises to charge every cellphone known to men. It also comes with USB port therefore it is noteworthy that it can also juice up some other devices too, those who derive their power via USB port as iPod do. The device will hit the market sometimes this summer but no info about price.

Recycling phones is great way to do something eco-friendly to help the environment. You may have several old mobile phones just lying around your home, why not recycle them? There is value in your old phone, even if it is not working. Some of the most popular mobile phones to recycle are: the Nokia 880 Sirocco, the Nokia N73, Sony Ericsson C510, Nokia 6500 Slide and the Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB and they provide big money. Check out this mobile phone recycling site for more information on how much you could get. To begin the process of recycling phones, you will need to enter the information about your mobile phone in the price comparison sites search box. Being in the business of helping you recycle your phone, whilst getting the most money that is available for your brand of mobile, they are the best place to save you time and money. After you enter the required information, it will only takes a few seconds before you are shown a price quote, if you like the price that is quoted, follow the instruction regarding mailing your phone to the company. They will send you a mailer which you just insert the phone and drop in the post, for free (usually). Once the company receives your phone, you will receive your money. At the moment you can get £230 for a HTC HD7, £226 for an Iphone 3GS, £222 for a Nokia N8, so why not see how much you could make on your hold handsets?


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