Sci-Fi Files: Rhona Mitra to sizzle Stargate Universe

stargate universe destiny

stargate universe destiny

To further boost the ratings of Stargate Universe, Syfy has signed the Doomsday’s bomb shell, Rhona Mitra, to spice up the stranded “Destiny” on the season finale. Reportedly, Mitra may soon be seen playing a key role in the upcoming series of Stargate Universe.

The 33-year-old actress will play Kiva, a bold and beautiful commander in the Lucian Alliance. Don’t miss watching the strong-willed Kiva rescuing people risking her own life in a 3-episode arc, which includes “Subversion” and “Incursion”.

The Syfy version of Stargate Universe has been airing for a week now and it also fetched a whopping 2.35 million viewers and a 1.7 HH rating during its two-hour debut episode on Syfy.

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