Sci-Fi Files: Ellen Ripley, one woman who truly led a science fiction

ellen ripley1

ellen ripley1

Ellen Ripley is the hands-down super-heroine of any alien film ever. The protagonist of the Alien Film Series, Ripley, is truly the first female character, who stood out in the male-dominated science fiction stereotypes. Quintessentially, Ripley also remains Sigourney Weaver’s most appreciated role to date.


Unlike most of the female sci-fi characters, Ripley Allen is not any run-of-the mill sidekick character, but she’s, unarguably, the soul of the Alien series. Ripley is a powerful character set in the future, sometime in 2092, who’s a brave and determined woman warrior. The Warrant Officer on the Nostromo, Ripley, is always willing to slash down the predator aliens with her pulse rifle and exosuit cargo-loader. Ripley’s character takes another edge when she comes back to life after dying once. Ripley turns into a tough warrior from a baby-faced vulnerable woman, having being shook from her mother-instinct. She battles the Lovecraftian alien and emerges like a complete empowered woman, while the rest of the crew dwindles in front of the immense alien creature. Across all the four editions of the Alien series, Ripley maintains the dynamism of the character.

While female characters are rarely portrayed strongly in science fictions even till now, Allen Ripley had been successfully amusing the audiences since the 70’s.

ellen ripley

ellen ripley


Ripley was named as the 8th greatest hero in American cinema history of America cinema by the American Film Institute in 2003.

The role also earned an Academy Award nomination, a Golden Globe award nomination for best actress-drama besides a BAFTA and Saturn Award for best actress for Sigourney Weaver.

Ellen Ripley was also voted 9th on the 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time List by Empire Magazine.

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