R U Buzzed Buzzing All Over The IPhones Of Party Hoppers – Techfemina

The party goers are avidly using the “R U Buzzed” iPhone app, after all it saves them big time from being caught under DUI. Launched earlier this month, the app calculates the blood alcohol level of the user. The Wall Street Journal notes that the application has been downloaded over 40,000 times, which is a good sign as it indicates the wary attitude of people towards drinking and driving. In order to use the app, you’re required to enter your weight, gender, hours drinking and amount of liquor consumed. Accordingly, you get such messages displayed as “You’re buzzed!” or You could be arrested for impaired driving. Designate a sober driver.” Clearly, you gotta be sensibly drunk or it will be quite difficult for you to feed all those information and use this app, and then only cops would tell you your status.You may download the virtuous app from Apple’s App Store.

Via: WSJ504761

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