Potpurri: Bloggers’ views on Dell’s introductory Moblin Netbook

dell moblin netbook

dell moblin netbook

Dell opened their first Moblin netbook to the market at a super-attractive price of $299, on September 24th, during the Intel Developer Forum. The netbook is a developer version of the Remix-based Mini 10v running Canonical’s Moblin. With this, Dell aims at delivering the best hardware to the Moblin developers. However, the netbooks won’t be available to the general public just yet.

Amy-Mae Elliott

how the netbook “boasts a user interface focused on using the internet, social networking activity, and media consumption, and is optimized for small screens.

Nilay Patel updates,

Dell tells us the Moblin Mini 10v will be $299 to start and available with the usual customization options, but that they’re not really aiming it at consumers just yet — the idea is to give Moblin developers best-of-class hardware to work on. That said, nothing’s stopping you from snagging one tomorrow, since they won’t be requiring proof that you’re actually a dev. You sneaky Linux-loving dog, you.

Lennarts comments,

The latest Moblin built is pretty good, but still a beta. It still needs some improvements here and there. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any major updates since August 18. Before that, they offered a new built every two weeks. I wonder whether the Moblin guys are preoccupied with other projects.

Alex Ion highlights a little on the virtues of Moblin and says,

It’s a fact that people won’t give their Microsoft Windows functionality and navigation for a new system that has just been announced, but we can’t expect Moblin to gain market share when it comes to those great minds looking to further improve it.

Ryan Paul marks the Dell’s caution of about Moblin,

Dell warns that Moblin isn’t ready for primetime yet and informs prospective buyers that the software is still experimental.

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