Potpourri: Techbloggers’ opinion about the new Facebook 3.0 for iPhones

facebook 3

facebook 3

Now that the Facebook 3.0 for iPhone has been approved, let’s see what various tech-bloggers have to say about this new application. It’s got a whole lot of new and improved features, where you can upload videos from an iPhone 3GS, RSVP to events. You’ll find an inbuilt web browser, a quick call and text function; and a slew of many other improvements.

Christen da Costa says that it seems like that app developers have also cleaned up the UI this time.

Jason Kincaid believes the new app may be the most useful app on the app store. He feels positive about the addition of events, which lacked in the previous version. Kincaid adds, “It’s worth noting that the 11 day wait since Facebook originally submitted the application was enough to raise Hewitt’s ire (and justifiably so), leading him to condemn the App Store approval process and call for its removal entirely. I couldn’t agree with him more.”

Harry McCracken declares it outright that the “the app isn’t perfect”. One cannot view Groups and according to him the user interface is also a little confusing. He adds, “I haven’t been able to get one of the most interesting new features–the ability to phone or SMS friends–to work.” I think, that’s pretty much enough to give you a clear picture of the app.

John Burke
describes it as the 3rd major update of the popular Facebook for iPhone.

Jason D. O’Grady
doesn’t seem to form any particular opinion about the highly anticipated app so early, and simply highlights its important features.

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