Potpourri: What tech-bloggers think about the new Motorola Cliq?

motorola cliq

motorola cliq

Motorola has now entered into the market of Android smartphones. The company unveiled its first Android phone, Cliq, at the Mobilize Conference in San Francisco on Thursday. Let’s have a look at the take of different tech-bloggers on this brand new cool device.

Katie Fehrenbacher, Editor, Earth2Tech, reports,

While the Cliq is cool, the MotoBlur shows the true power of Android. It graphically integrates all user messaging accounts via email, text message or social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.” She also quotes the co-CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha who describes Cliq as “the first phone with social skills.

Rob Jackson from phandroid, declares,

Motorola is back

The CLIQ proves Motorola CAN be a leader in Mobile once again…

You may check out the in depth review conducted by Rob Jackson here.

Noah Kravitz, a mobile technology expert, opines,

Motorola Cliq: Hands-on impressions of T-Mobile’s new Android phone

I think it’s gonna be a hit, or should be, anyway.

Android is starting to fufill its promise of being an open platform, one that lets manufacturers and carriers customize the base Android experience via hardware and software design. Motorola chose to tailor the platform towards always-connected messaging and social networking fanatics vis-a-vis Cliq’s slide-sliding touchscreen/QWERTY/D-Pad hardware design and the MotoBlur “service,” which is essentially a bunch of Android widgets that deeply integrate social networking contacts and updates (amongst other things) into the user experience.








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