Massive 155-inch OLED screen by Mitsubishi aims to cover the skyscrapers

mitsubishi 155 inch oled screen

mitsubishi 155 inch oled screen

If the slimmest 31-inch OLED TV hasn’t amazed you enough then brace yourself for the astounding 155-inch version. The huge OLED screen has been teased out by Mitsubishi to be showcased at CEATEC to be held in Japan in October. The biggest OLED screen yet can scale to t unlimited size with its individual 4-inch square OLED panels. It needs to be at least 2 feet away to be able to clearly see the huge display. The technology could curve skyscrapers with multi-media advertisements. The Diamond Vision screens which are just 99 mm thick, and offer 80-degree viewing angles, enable their use in limited spaces such as narrow paths and station concourse. It will go on sale on 21st of September.

However, don’t expect it cover you wall in the living room as it has quite low 69 8.5dpi pixel density, so won’t really give you a a HD picture. Though it has better resolution than those stadium-style LED displays, but it’s going to be too expensive for just 2.5 years, which is its maximum expected life.

Via: Engadget/ Gizmodo

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