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mp3 player for kids

It’s true that one’s never too young to start with gadgets, but don’t we have anything more worthwhile than a toy MP3 player or an iPod for our little kids. For instance, how do you think, this Baby Bidou MP3 player (pictured above in pink) could help make your kid a tech savvy. A cute teddy face MP3 player, and some pre-loaded nursery rhymes wouldn’t do much more than what your lullabies do.

Since we can’t even risk to expose them to internet or mobile phones at such tender age, we should rather go for some midway options.

vtech flip e reader

What better than an e-reader to encourage reading habit among children that too in geek style. The Vtech Flip e-book reader is specially created for the pre-schoolers, and it comes packaged with such children’s favorites as Shrek or Toy Story. I think, it’s any day better toy gadget for your kid than maybe some stupid monkey computer mouse. Not the funny looks, but the gadget’s usefulness for kids should be considered while picking some tech toy for kids. While the useless Baby Bidou MP3 player would cost you about $59.98, isn’t the Vtech Flip e-reader a way better option for almost the same price. The Vtech Flip e-reader is priced at $59.99.

barbie video girl doll

I was also very much impressed by the Barbie Video Girl Doll, which has a camcorder into a Barbie doll. Girls love Barbies, and this way they can even try a hand in photography or video making. You’ll be surprised to learn that it will be selling for $50 only, starting from April. There must be plenty of such options, you just need to look around with geek eyes.

Now, I’m feeling really sorry for the likes of Baby Bidou, as our kids certainly deserve better.

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