Discarded Keyboards turned into a mesmeric lamp

ty girlz

Girls, looking for some real teen fun and frolics? Ty Girlz is the place you ought to be at. It’s a virtual world for the teen fashionistas. If you wanna try some cool body art, piercing, or don some prominent glamorous outfits, make-up and hair, Ty Girlz can prove to be the coolest hangout online. There are games, chat, shopping, music and much more crazy stuff to freak out with.

It’s the ‘the’ place for girls between 10 – 15 years of age. All you have to do is, buy your dream TY Girlz doll to enter the 3-d magical world of lovely clothes, makeovers and fab groups, trust me it’s super fun!

The only cost for all this amusement and complete ball is a lovely little Ty Girlz doll, which you can pick from their wide range of dolls with different themes and styles.

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