Cooler Master gets vibrant with multihued 310 chassis edition


1. My Best Girls

my best girls

I’m simply mad about My Best Girls and would recommend to you too to hop on it. Well, as the name suggests it’s a perfect girls’ hangout – sexy, naughty and bitchy. Who among us, isn’t fond of all-girls-talk and an ultimate gossip time out, on My Best Girls, you just do the same. Just pick your best girls and begin the fun. It’s a must-join application, girls go get it right away!

My Best Girls

2. Jetsetter


Alright, after gossiping, let’s come to some real business or I should say the real fun – traveling. Don’t we love to freak out and travel the world like no one else. However, what’s the fun, if we don’t flaunt our traveling experiences and one-up with other travelers. So here’s a place where you can share, compare and compete with travelers from across the world. Jetsetter application on Facebook is a revolution. It lets you know your status as a travel freak, as in, were do you stand among your friends and who’s the most travelled among all. Jetsetter has quickly become a hot favorite application of all the big time travelers. So girls, if you think you’ve traveled enough to boast about it, go flaunt it on Jetsetter and jet set go!


3. Wolfram Tones


Let the music play! The one application that has to be there on the top of all your music apps. You can make music, mix music and simply play around with so many fun stuff that Wolfram has to offer. I bet, you’ll get addicted to it as soon as you join it, just remember to have a little patience while playing with it’s features for the first time.

Wolfram Tones

4. MindJolt


Girls, here’s a statutory warning, before you venture to this application; MindJolt on Facebook is most likely to leave you addicted to it. It is sure to freak you out with its wide range of crazy games. Wanna forget the world for sometime, set your mind free to be jolted on Facebook, however addictive, it’s great fun!


5. SuperPoke

facebook superpoke 1251206099448

Simple yet fun-filled! It has an action for every occasion, gesture and mood. If you want to high-five, pray for or throw a frittata at your friend, do it right away with SuperPoke. So what are you waiting for, you don’t need a reason to poke your buddies.


6. Tag Team Graffiti

tag team graffiti

There’s an artist in each one of you, time to get it out and let it fly, without actually messing up the streets or walls of your room. With Tag Team Graffiti, you can paint, spray or simply sprinkle around the colors on the Facebook wall along with your friends to tag them later. I’m a Graffiti fan and bet even you won’t be able to resist it.

Tag Team Graffiti

7. Poker Palace

facebook poker palace 1251206308309

Poker is a deadly game coming from ages and at Facebook it attracts more girls than ever before. So check out how good are you at cards, time to show up. Winners get to sit-n-go tournaments with high stakes, join table with friends and send fun gifts to fellow player. Go get your share of super excitement.

Poker Palace

8. Robot Builder

facebook robot builder 1251206382513

Now you need not know any graphic designing or any complicated robotic technology to build those marvelous Sc-Fi creatures.. With Robot Builder you can create wildest, freakiest and most unique robots after locating the rare parts. I’m going right away to create my first robo buddy and will come back to you next time with some more fun-filled online trends on Cyberella.

Robot Builder

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