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Women blog and they blog like hell, about things and extent beyond limits. Here’s a list of a those very few women bloggers, who put their wackiest, craziest and freakiest self into blogging for some astounding blog time.

Courtney Love

courtney love my space

The crazy rocker is an equally crazy blogger. She posts relentlessly on her MySpace page sometimes as much as 60 times about her day-to-day life; from her suicidal thoughts to her designerwears and from her ludicrous secrets to so trifle matters as her housekeeper. She’s truly indefatigable!

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Tracy Clark-Flory

tracy clark flory

She’s sworn to beat the hell out of all the creepy pornographers and so writes exhaustively about high-tech pornography to political sex scandals. Clark-Flory is one distinctive name which is known for her post-feminist efforts. There may be how-much-ever scary times for sex writers, Tracy battles it single-handed with her pen.

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Millie Garfield

millie garfield

No one in this whole wide world can beat her spirit for blogging. At 83, Millie Garfield, blogs with amazing enthusiastic panache, she’s simply ageless. One can really relish her long life experiences that she expresses in a lovely light humorous manner. Millie is a sweetheart and people love reading her.

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Ana Marie Cox

ana marie cox

At Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox fearlessly exposed the dirty politics of Washingtonienne. She can really bullshit the big names who act douchey about public affairs, so beware; you might not escape her killer attack of words.

Heather Armstrong

heather armstrong

If I know someone to be a true die-hard blogger, it has to be Heather Armstong. When she got fired for blogging about her work life, she continued blogging with spirit even stronger. At Dooce, Armstrong redefines the outlook of women blogs with her unmatchable humor and wit.

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