Here’s a somewhat quirky looking gadget, which is a USB portable media speaker with webcam. It looks like a wacky boombox, which also has a 5 MP webcam. The system that boasts ultra-low speakers, supports external storage via USB and can be connected to any device with 3.5mm audio plug. It’s available in black and black-orange, the combination makes me sick though. You may use it as your computer speakers, but if the sound quality bothers you, there’s a cam and a microphone as well, at least that should be able to make it a little worthwhile. The system derives it’s juice from either external lithium battery, power adapter or a USB when connected to PC. You’ll get all these accessories along with a remote Control, packaged with it. The USB portable media speaker with webcam will cost you $53.99, which doesn’t seem too wholesome.

Via: Engadget