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YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world, with billions of people using it to watch their favourite videos, every day. We’ve all spent a fair amount of time on the site, whether it is to watch music videos, cats doing silly things or for something far more educational. However, did you know that there’s a whole ton of things YouTube can do that most of us have never noticed? Here are 5 things you didn’t know you could do on YouTube.

1. Control your video with arrow keys

This was found completely by accident as we tried to get the old YouTube Easter Egg of Snake (remember being able to play that?) to work. Unfortunately, since updating in 2013 you can no longer play a quick game of Snake whilst you wait for the video to buffer. You can, however, control your video with your arrow keys. Simply press left to rewind, right to fast forward, up to turn the volume up and down to turn it down. Press and hold down to mute the video, or press and hold left to return to the beginning. Clever!

2. Entice people with your playlists

Have you got your own YouTube channel with 0 subscribers? It happens to the best of us. If you want to use this social network for the purpose of making friends, sharing interests and getting some new subscribers then make sure you create playlists on YouTube. You can show off how great your music taste is, put together a compilation of funny cat videos, or piece together a whole workout from fitness vids. You can share your playlists with people you know or just hope that someone may stumble across it by accident.

3. Link to a specific time in a video

If you’re writing a comment regarding a specific point in a video then you no longer have to describe exactly what you’re talking about. Instead of “LOL at the bit where she is licking the hammer just before she takes her clothes off and gets on a wrecking ball” you can now say “LOL at 1:21”. Just by putting the numbers like that, with a colon in between, YouTube will automatically turn it into a clickable link. When clicked on, the video will instantly load at that particular time, and everyone can have a good ol’ laugh at whatever it is you noticed.

4. Become a YouTube DJ

There are some really cool websites out there that will let you become a DJ, just using YouTube videos. Although it has become slightly more difficult to enjoy this pastime, thanks to the adverts, it is no different to creating a playlist on Spotify and having to endure their advertisements. What clinches the deal with this, is that there are some awesome sound effects you can play around with, as well as fading each one in and out and mixing two completely different songs together at the same time. David Guetta, move out the way.

5. Listen to every song available by one artist

Have you ever been onto the Disco mini site at YouTube? If not, then you’re really missing out. Simply go to and enter in any artist’s name. Now it will automatically play every single song it can find from that artist, including live performances. Disco stands for discovery, so if you were hoping for flashing lights and the Jackson 5 then sorry for letting you down.

The next time you use YouTube have a play around with one of these five and see whether it makes your experience easier, more sociable or just plain fun!

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